Fluid Stages at PQ19

Exhibition of Countries and Regions at
The Prague Quadrennial of Performance Design and Space (PQ19) 6.–16.6.2019 in Prague:

Fluid Stages

Curated and designed by Art Collective KOKIMO

As the national exhibition of Finland at the Countries and Regions Exhibition KOKIMO proudly presents Fluid Stages, an exhibition concept, that consists of a site-sensitive and ongoing installation by KOKIMO and a performative installation by KOKIMO inside the Industrial Palace and of seven independent performative satellite artworks around Prague.

The starting point of the concept for Fluid Stages is an experience of the world as a scenographic landscape: as stage, as montage, as a series of scenes. By focusing one’s perception and sharpening the senses, the artworks included in the Finnish national exhibition enable a multisensory reading of various layers of existence. The PQ19 themes Imagination, Transformation and Memory are resonating with all of the artworks.

KOKIMO Art Collective is an independent group of artists, designers and curators, founded in 2010 and based in Helsinki, Finland. KOKIMO works collaboratively and site-sensitively, without heavy structure or a big productional organization, using material resources economically, ecologically and cherishing the idea of sustainability.

KOKIMO members: Kristian Ekholm (MA, sound designer), Markus Heino (MA, sound designer), Raisa Kilpeläinen (MA, scenographer–lighting designer), Viljami Lehtonen (MA, sound designer), Anna Murtola (MA, producer–musician), Veera-Maija Murtola (MA, scenographer–costume designer), Anna Pöllänen (MA, lighting designer) and Salla Salin (MA, scenographer–artist).

Photo: KOKIMO / Petri Tuohimaa

Fluid Stages Performance (2019)

The durational, site-sensitive Fluid Stages Performance by the curator group, the Art Collective KOKIMO, is in active multisensory and experiential contact with the surrounding space and its happenings.
Performances start at the Finnish exhibit, in the Right Wing of the Industrial Palace. The performance has limited capacity: first come, first serve. The duration is approximately 50 minutes.

Timetable: 8 June at 12.20 & 23.00 | 9 June at 12.20 & 18.45 | 10 June at 12.20 | 11 June at 12.20 | 12 June at 12.20 & 18.45 | 14 June at 12.20 | 15 June at 12.20 | 16 June at 12.20.
Free admittance.

Fluid Stages Satellites

Acts of Care (2017–)
by Milla Martikainen, Kati Raatikainen, Petra Vehviläinen, Eero Erkamo, Sofia Simola

Acts of Care is a performance installation welcoming the participants into a plastic bubble tent situated in public space. Aiming at creating a safe place amidst the climate crisis anxiety, the performers share various acts of care.

Acts of Care is a creature that needs certain heat, rain & wind
conditions to perform. Our performance dates & times vary according to
the weather conditions in our location. Dates & times for performances
are confirmed on the Facebook event and tumblr blog at midday of each
performance day according to the weather forecast!

Performances will take place next to:
Park Stromovka, Prague 7

A preliminary timetable:

Opening times:
Friday 7 June | 5pm–9pm
Saturday 8 June | 3pm –7pm
Sunday 9 June | 3pm –7pm
Wednesday 12 June | 3pm–7pm
Thursday 13 June| No performance, but you can meet AoC artists in the Fluid Stages Meet & Greet Event
Friday 14 June | 3pm–7pm
Free admittance.

Facebook event with timetables:

More info:


Mindscapes Landscapes (2017–)
by Alexander Salvesen, Eero Nieminen, Karoliina Kauhanen, Katriina Tavi and Pinja Poropudas

Mindscapes Landscapes is a performance in which environmental installation meets contemporary dance and live-cinema. The main concept is based on a large camera obscura, which serves as the viewing space for the audience.

Performance includes a walking part.
The starting point of the performanve is outside of:
Pražské kreativní centrum
Staroměstské nám. 4/1, 110 00 Prague 1

The performance ends to Střelecký Island, Prague 1

Performances 7 June – 9 June:
Fri 7 June and Sat 8 June | starting both days at 3 pm and 5 pm
Sun 9 June | starting at 3 pm
Free admittance.

Timetables: https://www.facebook.com/events/646980215715382/

More info: https://mindscapeslandscapes.wordpress.com/tickets


No Doubt (2019)
by Marja Uusitalo

No Doubt is a site-sensitive, urban installation, created using mundane materials. The work operates on observations, and the limits of perception: providing a possibility for a change of perspective as a dramaturgy emerges from successive chance encounter.

Holešovická Šachta
Bubenská 14, 170 00 Praha 7

Holešovická Šachta openings times:
Tue–Fri 4 pm–10 pm (NOTE! On Fri 14 June closed for technical reasons!)
Sat 2 pm–10 pm
Sun 2 pm–8 pm
Free admittance.
In collaboration with Holešovická Šachta.

More info: https://www.facebook.com/events/453672525398077/


Robot Loves: A Little Bit Closer (2019)
by Laura Sariola and Veikko Sariola

Robot Loves: A Little Bit Closer is a living installation, in which the audience interacts with a mechanical actor. By tracking the audience’s responses to light, sound and motion, the installation adapts to the preferences of the viewer.

Pražské kreativní centrum / Skautský institut na Staromáku
Staroměstské nám. 4/1, 110 00 Prague 1

Open daily between 10 am and 6 pm.
Free admittance.
In collaboration with Skautský institut na Staromáku.

More info: https://www.facebook.com/events/347361412641683/


Sonic Presence of an Absent Choreography (2019)
by Anna Nykyri, Félix Blume, Veli Lehtovaara & Andrea Valencia

Sonic Presence of an Absent Choreography is an immersive sound installation and choreographic environment that consists entirely of the recorded sound of a dance. The work reveals the ephemerality of the body in the stage through the immaterial media of sound.

Theatre Faculty of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague (DAMU)
Karlova 26, 116 65 Staré Město, Prague 1

Opening times:
6 – 8 June at 10 am – 6 pm and 9 June at 10 am – 5 pm

Free admittance.

More info: https://www.facebook.com/events/1596784873785308/


Suck My Chair (2019)
by Siru Kosonen, Hannah Maria Ouramo and Markus Lindén

Suck My Chair is an installation which explores the auditorium chair as a political, social and aesthetic structure. Treating the chair as an object and a body part it asks how it can be and is materially present in the space.

Holešovická Šachta
Bubenská 14, 170 00 Praha 7

Holešovická Šachta openings times:
Tue–Fri 4pm–22pm (NOTE! On Fri 14 June closed for technical reasons!)
Sat 2pm–22pm
Sun 2pm–8pm
Free admittance.
In collaboration with Holešovická Šachta.

More info: https://www.facebook.com/events/480198649381755/


World Space (2019)
by Kalle Rasinkangas

World Space is an interactive virtual reality installation, which combines a physical chair with virtual reality. Meant for one person at a time, this installation invites the participant to explore the virtual world through movement and touch.

Pražské kreativní centrum / Skautský institut na Staromáku
Staroměstské nám. 4/1, 110 00 Prague 1

Open daily between 10am and 5 pm, except during 1pm and 2pm.
Free admittance.
In collaboration with Skautský institut na Staromáku.

More info: https://www.facebook.com/events/429241517914611/


Furthermore, KOKIMO will present Liisa Ikonen’s visionary and groundbreaking dissertation from 2006 as a part of Fragments, an exposition that recognizes and celebrates designs where the essence of the environment and the socio-political era is preserved, craft is perfected, and the artist becomes a beacon of the profession for their life achievements. Ikonen is a scenographer and the professor in design for the performing arts in Aalto University. Liisa Ikonen’s Dialogic Scenography: Phenomenological Interpretation of an Alternative Work Process (2006) was the first doctoral dissertation concerning alternative scenographic working methods outside repertoire theatre and without a pre-written script in Finland. In the Finnish scenographic landscape her work has been pioneering. By choosing this physical object, Ikonen’s dissertation in book form, art collective KOKIMO as the Finnish national curator for PQ 2019 wants to celebrate Ikonen’s thinking.

Fluid Stages Book Launch
Also three new publications from Finland will be launched at PQ19 as a part of Fluid Stages: Pasi Räbinä: The Print of Beauty. Aalto ARTS Books, 2019; Tomi Humalisto, Kimmo Karjunen & Raisa Kilpeläinen (ed.): 360 Degrees – Focus on Lighting Design. The Theatre Academy of the University of the Arts Helsinki, 2019 and KOKIMO: Fluid Stages Exhibition Catalogue, The Finnish OISTAT Centre, 2019.
Date & place: 7 June at 10am–12am at Gauč ve Stromovce, Prague Quadrennial Exhibition Grounds.

Fluid Stages Meet & Greet
The event is an opportunity to meet in person, hear about the exhibition concept and the work of Finnish artists participating at the Finnish PQ19 ECR Exhibition Fluid Stages.
13 June at 2pm–5pm at Gauč ve Stromovce, Prague Quadrennial Exhibition Grounds.


Exhibition Fluid Stages is coordinated by the Finnish OISTAT Centre and funded among others by the Arts Promotion Centre Finland, the Finnish Cultural Foundation and the Promotion Centre for Audiovisual Culture Finland.

Read more about the PQ19 festival: www.pq.cz

Photo Collage: KOKIMO